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Why Apple’s AirPort Express Has Appeared In Home App In iOS 12 Beta?

Apple has discontinued AirPort Express, but users still have high hopes that the device will make a comeback into the fleet of Apple routing devices soon. A glimpse of that was seen a few weeks ago when Home app spotted AirPort Express in iOS 12, which has raised the hopes for devotees regarding the possibility of the arrival of AirPort Express on the platform.

A few experts were able to verify the appearance of AirPort Express in the Home app, which was sporting 2012 design. They tried to connect to the device and were successful in the third attempt. However, when they tapped AirPort Express, the device was not added as a HomeKit peripheral. On the contrary, it failed conspicuously unlike the first time when experts tried to connect the device.

As far as the last update for AirPort Express is concerned, then that happened in December 2017. At that time, AirPlay 2 was not available for purchase, when the company has tried AirPort patch successfully after the initial round of testing of the technology. AirPlay 2 has arrived before the abortive second round with the iOS 11.3 betas before its removal at the close of the end of the cycle. It was in December 2016 when the update of AirPort Express before the krack fix was delivered.

When you check the device’s appearance in iOS 12 beta, then you will clearly see that it is only the second time that the device has appeared as a possible AirPlay 2 Target and HomeKit accessory, and hasn’t done anything when selected. The device was taken off after two weeks after the first iOS 11.4 beta.

It is after that appearance that Apple has taken down the AirPort line of products entirely.

In the present scenario, again, the appearance of the AirPort Express appears as if the device is still in the test process. However, the appearance of the device has reignited the debate about whether Apple will again launch the product or is it just that people are reading between the lines.

The whole mystery surrounding the device was related to its functionality with AirPlay because AirPort Express has been a playback target for past many years. This started when the device was called AirTunes rather than AirPort Express.

It is not just Apple AirPort Express that was tested after the re-appearance, but many other AirPlay compatible devices have gone through the testing process. However, no device appeared in the Home application, which is quite surprising.

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