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Why Amber Light On Airport Express Flashes And How To Fix It?

The LED status light on Airport Express, Airport Base station changes the color to indicate the current status of the base station.

When you connect the Airport Base station to the power supply, the status light on the front of the station displays green for a second, then solid amber while the base station starts up.

After this, if the base station is configured properly and connect to the internet, then the status light turns solid green. If there is a problem with the Airport Express, you will find the status light flashes amber.

If the status light is off, then it means no power.

If solid amber, then it means the sequence has started.

If the status LED is solid green, then it means the device working normally.

Flashing amber: Setup complete, but base station requires attention.

Solid Blue: Ready to connect to the network with Wi-Fi protected the system.

Flashing Green LED: This means that the Airport Utility is working normally. You can change the status of this LED from the Pop-Up menu in the settings.

Alternating Amber: This means alternate base station and selects the base station from the menu bar. It will help you identify the menu bar through the light sequence.

If the status light is flashing Amber

There can be a number of reasons for status light flashing amber:

  • The base station is not set up or reset by mistake. You need to setup it again. To setup again, you need to use Airport Utility.
  • A new update firmware is available for the base station.
  • The base station is configured to use Back to My Mac but My Mac is not working properly or the password you entered is incorrect. If you have recently updated the Mac OS to Mojave, then you must remove the base station from ‘Back to my Mac Network’.
  • The base station is not connected to the internet due to an internet service outage. If the base station doesn’t acquire an IP from the router, then you will get the solid amber light on the device.
  • The base station is set up wirelessly to extend the range of network but is away from the primary base station.
  • If you are using an Airport Express at the base station, then it means there is a problem with the hard disk and needs repair.

Check base station settings

To fix all the issues related to base station settings, you can change the settings or tell Airport Utility to ignore it. If you ignore this issue, then it will not get resolved, Follow the steps to fix this problem:

  1. Open Airport Utility from the ‘Utility folder’ of the Application folder.
  2. From the ‘Utility window’ click on the base station to check the pop-up details or more information related to the issue. You can either change the settings or ignore the issue. Click ‘Edit’ to open the settings window.
  3. Make changes if required in the ‘Settings’. Click to update and apply those changes. Restart your base station.

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