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Start Using Airplay2 A Streaming Target By Connecting Airport Express To Apple Router

Airport Express To Apple Router

Do you want to use AirPlay2 as a streaming target for listening to favorite music? If yes, then it is possible by connecting the Airport Express to Apple router.

By downloading the latest firmware update, you can use the AirPort Express with AirPlay2.

The only thing required is to change the working of AirPort Express from the router to client. Your device will no longer be used as a medium for connecting the Mac to the internet but will be used as a Wi-Fi adapter.

Though most of the devices support Wi-Fi adapters but there are some sound systems, a gaming console that is yet obsolete in the market. Likewise, you can use AirPort Express as an adapter by connecting through cable.

As we have discussed in the above passage, you will no longer be able to use the device as a router anymore. Instead of connecting it to the internet, you will have to connect it to the sound system.

AirPort Express has 802.11 standard support whereas normal router support 802.11ac. Ignoring these different standards, you can connect both the devices to each other quite easily. If you have already done the connection, then no need to do it again. If you don’t have more than one Apple router at home, then you can borrow from your friend.

Selecting a device:

There is no need to use wired printers anymore. You can now get the printers connected to the phone or Mac wirelessly. Moreover, you are now required to connect it to the AirPort Express. After this, start printing important documents wirelessly.

While printing the documents, there is no need to wait anymore, simply provide the command, everything will get completed within a fraction of seconds.

Turn on your system

  1. Plug the device to the power supply and wait till it gets booted.
  2. Connect speakers, printers and Express router. Open ‘AirPort Utility’.
  3. If you find the AirPort Express already configured, then check the firmware version of Express installed in it. If the option is grayed out, then it means the firmware version is updated, if it is yellow, then click to start the update.
  4. After installation of the firmware update, all the settings will be reset to default.
  5. Open ‘Other wi-fi’ devices and click on ‘Drop-down’ menu. You will find the button-shaped icon. Click on it. Once you click on it, you will find the Airport compatible devices get displayed on the screen.
  6. Select your wireless or wired device and go to ‘base station’. Once you select it, all the information will be automatically fetched by the system.
  7. After completion of everything, you need to go to the ‘Other’ menu from the left bottom corner of the screen. By enabling this option, you will get different options for replacing the device. If you want to add a device to the existing network, then click on the related option.
  8. Select ‘Next’ and then ‘Finish’.

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