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How to Set Up Apple AirPort Express?

The brilliantly-designed AirPort Express is an incredible Wi-Fi base station product from Apple Inc. and it is a segment of the particular AirPort product line. It is more compact and simpler in some ways, as compared to another Apple Wi-Fi base station (the AirPort Extreme), the Express provides the facility of audio output capability. And now if you have already purchased an Apple Airport Express and now want to set it up, then follow the below post.

A Brief Idea about Setting Up of AirPort Express Base Station

The brilliantly-designed Apple AirPort Express base station enables its users to share devices, including printers or speakers with a single computer in a wireless basis. For instance, through the utilization of the Airport Express, you would be able to connect speakers in each and every room in your place to one iTunes library in order to create a brilliant wireless home music network. If you want to know more about Apple Airport Express Setup, you can contact the respective customer care team.

Irrespective of your objective, in case you want to share data from the respective Mac in a wireless manner, the incredibly-designed AirPort Express would do that along with an electrical outlet as well as a little bit of configuration. The process is as follows:

You have to initiate the process by plugging the respective AirPort Express into an electrical outlet in that room in which you prefer to use it. Next, you need to go to your computer and in case you haven’t already installed the AirPort Utility software, you have to install it from the CD that has come with the AirPort Express. Alternatively, you can also download it from the website of Apple. Moreover, the AirPort Utility software has come with pre-loaded on Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and higher.

How to Install and/or Launch AirPort Utility?

You have to execute the following steps for installing or launching AirPort Utility:

After the installation of the AirPort Utility, you need to launch the program.

And whenever it starts, you would come across the new base station that has been listed on the left side. Don’t forget to ensure that it is highlighted. Now, click on “Continue.”

In the respective fields that have been presented in the window, you have to provide the AirPort Express with a name (for instance, if it is located in the respective home office, then you might call it “office” or “bedroom” in case it’s where it is) and a password that you can remember so that you can access it later. Now, you have to click on “Continue.”

How can you choose Airport Express Connection Type?

As a next step, you would be asked whether you are connecting the respective AirPort Express to an existing network (select this in case you already exhibit a Wi-Fi network), replacing another (in case you’re getting rid of the respective old network hardware), or making a connection through Ethernet. It is assumed that you already have got a wireless network and it is just an addition to it. You have to select that particular option and then click on “Continue.”

You will come across a list of the available wireless networks in the particular area. Now, you have to select yours’ for adding the AirPort Express. It’s time to click on “Continue.” Once the changed settings have been saved, the incredibly-designed AirPort Express would restart. And whenever it restarts, the respective AirPort Express would appear in the particular AirPort Utility window with the new name that you have given to it and it would be ready to use.

How to troubleshoot AirPort Express?

The incredible Apple’s Airport Express base station is a brilliant addition to iTunes. It enables you to stream music from the respective iTunes library to speakers all around your house or print in a wireless manner. But, when something is not going correctly, the following AirPort Express troubleshooting tips should be executed:

In case the Airport Express has disappeared from the respective speakers’ list in iTunes, you need to execute the following steps:

First, you have to make sure that your computer is present on the same Wi-Fi network as the respective AirPort Express unless you need to join that particular network.

In case the particular computer and the AirPort Express are present on the same network, you have to try quitting iTunes and then try to restart it. You ought to ensure that you have the most recent version of iTunes and if you don’t have it, you have to install it. And if it doesn’t work, you have to unplug the respective AirPort Express and then plug it back in. After that, wait for it to restart (whenever its light converts into green color that means it has already restarted and connected to the respective Wi-Fi network. You might need to quit followed by restarting iTunes.

And if it doesn’t work, you have to try resetting the respective AirPort Express. You can do it by pressing the particular reset button on the bottom side of the device. It is the small, soft plastic and gray button. It might have the requirement of a paper clip or other item along with a small point. Now, you have to hold the respective button for around a second as long the light flashes amber. It would reset the password of the respective base station so that you can configure it again by making use of the AirPort Utility.

And if it does not work, you have to try a hard reset. It will remove all data from the respective AirPort Express and enable you to set it up from scratch by making use of the AirPort Utility. This step should be executed after all steps have failed. And to do this, you have to hold the respective reset button for 10 seconds. After that, the respective base station would up again. If you have any question or query (s) regarding the above steps, then contact the respective customer care team.

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