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How to Reset Apple Airport Express?

Earlier, connection to the Internet means sitting in front of a desktop computer that had been connected to a short yet costly Ethernet cable. And it was often referred to as a luxury in those days when people mandatorily need a modem connection to (gasp) a landline-based phone system. But time has changed a lot and today, wireless Internet is literally ubiquitous, owing to the brilliantly-designed devices, including the Apple AirPort Express.

The brilliantly-designed AirPort Express enables you to create an incredible wireless Internet access point where you want- at your home, in a hotel or at any place where you have a requirement of a fast and dependable connection. It also helps you in streaming every kind of multimedia goodies to different devices and it is also capable of extending the range of an already-present wireless network. You can also make use of AirPort for adding wireless connectivity to any device, including a gaming console that has been equipped with an Ethernet port but not its own wireless card. The amazing part is that this small-sized device is packed with lots of features. You can easily carry this device in your side pocket or the carrying case of your svelte laptop. And moreover, it is compatible with all the well-known flavors of Wi-Fi, such as 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n.

This incredible device is also compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. And security-wise, you can easily set the Express for making use of WPA or Wi-Fi Protected Access or WPA2, WEP, and MAC address filtering. You have to make a connection of the AirPort to the respective DSL or direct subscriber line or the respective Ethernet network or cable modem and it also provides wireless Internet access for at most ten users. You have to plug it into a printer through the USB cable and as a result, any of those ten users are able to print documents on a wireless basis. And in case you’re on a Mac, the built-in Bonjour capabilities signify that the users on the network can effortlessly find out one another to share videos, pictures, or any other type of data.

Its incredible iTunes capabilities are another major AirPort selling point. After plugging its 3.5mm audio mini jack into any speakers throughout your house, you can start streaming music in digital or analog in a wireless manner to those speakers from the iTunes library on the respective desktop or laptop computer. And in case you own a handheld Apple device, including as an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can remotely control iTunes and start playing music on demand. Even in a hotel room, you can take help of the AirPort device and get secure wireless so that you can start surfing. On the other hand, if the last room of your huge house is experiencing a weak wireless signal, an AirPort within range of the particular base station should be plopped. And it will amplify that signal and converts it into much speedier. In case you have an AirPort Express device as your primary wireless router, you can effortlessly configure the AirPort Express device to perform in combination with it as a Wi-Fi extender by utilizing Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

In case you’re experiencing difficulties with the respective AirPort Express device, you might need to reset it. And one of the most common ways of performing it by pressing the particular tiny “reset” button on the respective device. However, if it doesn’t solve your problem, what will you do? Just keep on reading. In total, three ways are there that you can continue performing a reset process to the respective AirPort Express. These three types of resetting processes are “soft”, “hard” and the “factory”. It doesn’t matter what kind of difficulty you might be experiencing, you should always try to perform the process of soft factory reset first and then you should follow the order.

What is Soft Reset?

A soft reset process basically comes in handy while you have forgotten the respective password and have a requirement of changing it. Allow the particular device to get plugged in and now via network preference, you have to select the AirPort from the menu. Next, you have to click on “TCP/IP” and now select “Using DHCP” from the respective popup that appears. In this step, you need to press and also hold for 1 second the respective reset button on the particular device. A yellow light will start flashing and it means that you would have a total five minutes of time to make whatever alterations you want unless the particular device would return to its last saved settings.

What is Hard Reset Process?

The process of a hard reset is generally a good option while the respective device stops working. And moreover, the saved profiles remain as it is throughout the process. You have to allow the device to get plugged in and then hold the respective reset button on the particular device for the duration of 10 seconds. Then, the flashing of the green light would indicate that the particular device has completed resetting itself. You have to make use of the AirPort Admin or AirPort Express Assistant for configuring the respective device following the resetting process.

What is Factory Reset?

The factory reset process has a requirement of unplugging the particular device from the power outlet. After the device has been depowered, you need to press and then continue holding the respective reset button on the device. While holding it, you have to plug in the respective device. After that, the green light would flash for four times. And in this time, you have to release the reset button. As a result, the device would reboot. Now, you need to wait for about 1 minute and then continue configuring your device with the help of the Airport Admin Utility or AirPort Express Assistant. If you want to know more about Airport Express Setup or have a query or question (s) regarding this particular device, you can contact the respective customer care team.

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