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How To Know About The Meaning Of Status Light On Airport Base Stations?

This post is dedicated to the discussion about the status light on the Airport Base Stations. So, without any further ado, let’s start the discussion.

An Introduction to the Status Light on Airport Base Stations

The brilliantly-designed LED status light on AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express Base Station, or AirPort Time Capsule changes its color for indicating the status of the respective base station. Whenever you make a connection of power to the respective AirPort base station, the status light on the front part of the base station would start flashing green for the duration of one second. And then it would glow solid amber while the specific base station starts up.

After that, in case the base station has been set up appropriately and can make a connection to the Internet, the particular status light would start glowing solid green. And if there is an issue, the status light would start flashing amber.

Solid amber: It indicates the completion of the startup sequence.

Solid green: It indicates a normal functionality.

Flashing amber: It indicates the completion of the startup; however, the respective base station has detected a condition that has a requirement of your attention.

Solid blue*: It’s ready to enable a wireless client for accessing the network through Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

Flashing green*: In some of the older versions of the respective AirPort Utility device, you can select Flash On Activity from the particular Status Light pop-up menu in the settings for that respective base station. And flashing green expresses normal activity.

Alternating amber/green*: In some of the older versions of the AirPort Utility device, you could easily select the base station and select “Base Station” and then “Identify from the menu bar” that generates this particular alternating light sequence. It would help you in identifying the selected base station whenever multiple stations are available.

If the status light would flash amber, then you should realize it’s for the following reasons:

Some typical reasons are there for which the status light would flash amber.

The particular base station has not been set up or it was reset or needs to be set up again. You can make use of the AirPort Utility for setting up the respective base station. A firmware update has been available for the base station. The base station has been set up to make use of “Back” to “My Mac”, however, it might happen that “Back to My Mac” is not working or the password is wrong. In case you have upgraded to macOS Mojave, you ought to remove the particular base station from “Back to My Mac” network, as Mojave doesn’t provide support to “Back to My Mac.”

The respective base station can’t make a connection to the Internet, such as whenever the Internet service is down at the particular location, the particular base station can’t get an IP address from your primary router or the WAN Ethernet connection to your router that’s not working. The particular base station has been set up to extend the range of the particular network wirelessly; however, it is extremely far away from the primary Wi-Fi base station. In case the base station is an AirPort Time Capsule, then its internal hard disk is undergoing an issue that has a requirement for repairing.

How to Check Base Station Settings?

In order to resolve a problem connected with base station settings, you could either change the setting or instruct the AirPort Utility for ignoring it. Although ignoring an issue won’t resolve it, it would make the status light to prevent flashing for that particular problem. Next, you need to open AirPort Utility that’s present in the Utilities folder of the respective Applications folder. Now, in the AirPort Utility window, you have to click the particular base station to check a detailed pop-up with more information regarding the problem. You have to either select the setting to ignore the problem or you could also click “Edit” and open the settings window. Now, it’s time to implement any changes that are needed in settings and then you have to click on “Update” for applying those changes and then restarting the base station. Next, repeat these steps as per the requirement as long as all the settings-related problems have been ignored or resolved.

Some More Points

Whenever you make a connection to an Ethernet cable to an Ethernet port of the respective base station, the status light present above that port would start glowing solid green. The original 802.11 b/g model of the brilliantly-designed AirPort Extreme Base Station device had three status lights in total, not one. If you want to know more about the Apple Airport Express device, then you should contact the respective customer support team.

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