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How To Get Most Out Of Your Apple Airport Express?

Apple AirPort Express

Apple Airport Express is a reliable and best-in-class product developed by world’s renowned company ‘Apple’. You can use this product for sharing the common internet with more than one device at a time.

To get most out of your Apple Airport Express, you can use this device in the following 4 ways:

  1. Share a USB printer with household: Till now, we all used to buy more than one inkjet printer at home in order to connect all the devices to it. Now, there is no need to waste ink and no concern for cleaning the cartridge. Apple has now made the Airport Express which will solve the purpose. You can connect the Apple Airport express to the printer through USB port given at the back of it. All the individuals at home can start accessing the same printer.

To start printing through it, you can connect the printer to the USB port of Airport device and install printer drivers in the . Open ‘System’ preferences and click on ‘Print and fax’. Click on the +’ icon to continue adding the devices to the printer. Add the printer to each and every device available at home. All the devices will now have access to the printer.

  1. Connect the Network printer with iOS AirPrint: Once the printer gets connected, you can now use the same from the iOS device. Apple has AirPrint feature that works with almost all the printers that are available in the market. You can connect the wireless printer to the iOS AirPrint.
  2. Network storage for the family: Your Airport Express will act as a hard drive for family storage. You can connect the external hard drive to the USB port of Airport Express. Here, you may or may not have noticed one catch, there is single USB port available on Express but you have to connect two devices at a time. The question is how to connect two devices simultaneously. You can use the Multi-port hub for this purpose. It will allow you to connect more than 2 devices at a time. There is no need to provide any external power supply to the multi-port hub. It will draw automatically from a USB port.
  3. Use of AirDisk for Time machine backup: Even after connecting printer and hard drives to the Airport Express, you can still use AirDisk as time machine backup drive for all PCs. If AirDisk is available on computer, go to ‘Preferences’ then to ‘Time machine settings’. Click on ‘Select Disk’. You will find the list of devices which are currently available for connection. Select the drive of choice and you are good to go now.

If you are going to share the data whose size is in MB’s, then use the network as a requirement for time machine use.

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