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How To Extend The Wireless Range With An Airport Express Device?

How can you extend the Wireless Range with Your AirPort Express Device?

After successfully added a printer as well as a hard drive (or two), you might want to make stronger your wireless network for maximizing the particular range and specifically, in larger homes or apartments. The most effective technique is to add a budget-friendly AirPort Express device for extending your wireless range. And whenever a second AirPort device can choose the signal from another device and then transfer it further, the most effective way for accomplishing it to make a connection to the two AirPort devices by making use of an Ethernet cable. It is assumed that your present AirPort Extreme device has already been set up and performing its work and you would want to operate a Cat 5 or 6 Ethernet cable from any of the three jacks on the backside to the Ethernet port on the brilliantly-designed AirPort Express device into an available AC power outlet in order to power it up.

As a next step, you need to launch Applications and then Utilities and then AirPort Utility and then you have to choose your AirPort Extreme and click on the Manual Setup. It’s time to select the particular AirPort icon and next, the Wireless tab. Moreover, you have to ensure to check the option through which you have to allow this network to get extended (it is placed under the Wireless Network Name). Don’t forget to write down your each and every setting under the particular “Wireless” tab, as you would want to enter most of them again for the Express device. Next, you need to click on “Update” for locking in your changes.

It’s time for selecting the AirPort Express device in the AirPort Utility and then click on Manual Setup. As a result, you would be prompted to switch the respective wireless networks and that’s why you have to click on “Switch.” It’s time to select the AirPort icon and then under the Wireless tab, you have to ensure that the particular Wireless Mode is “Create a wireless network” and the name of your wireless network name matches with your AirPort Extreme device. In this step, you need to choose a different channel and preferably one that is at least two numbers above or below the one that has been used by the Extreme device. And don’t forget that wireless security has to match the respective AirPort Extreme. You might also prefer to visit the Base Station tab to provide your Express with its own unique name as well as password.

As the last step, you need to click on the Internet icon at the top side and thus you can change Connect Using to the option, “Ethernet” and then Connection Sharing to “Off (Bridge Mode)”. And it would bridge the two AirPorts for carrying the connection for the respective Extreme device to the Express device over Ethernet. Next, you have to click on “Update” to save your changes. Now, the respective AirPort Express device would seamlessly appear as an extension of the same network that you’re already using. And when you’ll start moving around your house with your mobile device or laptop, it would intelligently select the Wi-Fi signal that is present in the nearest proximity, irrespective of the fact that it comes from the Extreme device or the newly-added Express device.

How to initiate Your Engines?

Follow the steps below if you want to initiate your engines:

As a first step, you have to plug in the respective AirPort Express device and allow it to boot. And when it’s running, you need to connect your speakers, printers, or both into the respective AirPort Express device and then launch the AirPort Utility on your Mac. In case you already own a configured AirPort Express device, then it would start showing up on this particular map. You have to check that it holds the latest firmware. And in case the dot, present next to the name appears as green, then it’s just fine. But, in case it’s yellow that means you don’t hold the latest yet there would also be an “Update” button. And whenever you have got the latest installed firmware, you need to take the AirPort Express device back to its basics. Then, you have to select it and in the menu, called “Base Station”, you have to select “Restore Default Settings.” In the next step, you need to click on “Other Wi-Fi Devices.” It appears as a button but it is actually a drop-down menu that would list each and every AirPort-compatible device that the utility can easily find out either on Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Now, you have to choose the Base Station and then the Utility would take up a little bit of time for collecting information regarding it. And whenever it’s completed, you would have a screen that will include a button, called “Other Options” at the bottom left part and you need to click on it. As a result, there would also be “Add to an existing network” option and you have to select it and then click on “Next.”

In this step, you have to select the respective Wi-Fi router in the question of any make and model. Now, it’s time for entering the password in case it’s prompted and if you’re done. Congratulations! Your non-Wi-Fi-enabled device or those particular speakers that you want are now on the particular Wi-Fi network. And voila! As they are on your network and as you have the latest firmware, now they can be immediately benefitted from the AirPlay 2 and for which, you don’t need to do anything else. If you want to know more about the AirPort Express Device or have a query (s) and question (s) regarding the above procedures, then you can contact the respective customer care team.

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