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How To Connect Airport Express To Router To Make Airplay 2 Streaming Target?

If you’re looking for connecting AirPort Express to any router for making an AirPlay 2 streaming target, then this post is for you. Just you have to follow the steps carefully.

We all know that accessing the internet a while ago was a cumbersome task that means the requirement was to stick to a desktop computer, connected to a short but expensive Ethernet cable. And everyone did not afford to get a modem that had to be further connected to a landline-based phone system. But, time has changed so as with tool, technologies, and our modern way of internet accessing. The ubiquitous presence of today’s wireless internet has drastically changed the overall scenario and tremendously streamlined the overall cumbersome process. We should thankful to the extraordinary devices like Apple AirPort Express that has made it possible.

AirPort Express is compatible with all of the well-known types of Wi-Fi, such as 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n along with the compatibility with both Mac and Windows operating systems. In terms of security, you can set this device to use WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2, 40-bit or 128-bit Wireless Security (WEP) as well as MAC address filtering. You just need to connect AirPort to the respective direct subscriber line or DSL, your Ethernet network, or cable modem. The result is you’ll get the wireless internet access facility for up to 10 users. Next, you have to plug it into your printer via the available USB cable and voila! Any of these ten users become able to take print outs absolutely wirelessly. The Mac users will get the built-in Bonjour capabilities that mean network-connected users could easily find out each other and start sharing images, videos, or any other type of data.

The iTunes capabilities of AirPort Express are another major key to the selling point of this device. By plugging 3.5mm audio mini jack of AirPort Express into any speakers all around the house will enable you to stream music – both in analog or digital format and in a wireless manner to those speakers right from the iTunes library on the respective laptop or desktop computer. In case you’re an owner of a handheld Apple device like an iPhone or iPod Touch, you could be able to remotely control iTunes as well as play music on demand without even leaving your favorite couch.

Don’t want to be attached to the desk with a long Ethernet cable when you’re in a hotel room? The simple solution is to start using the AirPort Express device and thus you could fill your room with a fast and secure wireless internet. From now onwards, you can sit in the tub and continue surfing. On the other hand, if a distant room of your huge house has been suffering from the issue of the weak wireless signal, it’s time to start using an AirPort device within the range of the respective base station. It will amplify your wireless signal and make it speedier a lot.

It’s really wonderful to have a lot of features and functionalities in just a device of 3.7 inches high, 2.9 inches wide and 1.1 inches thick. Owing to the small size, users can easily carry this device into their side pocket or their svelte laptop carrying case. Apple’s AirPort Express device works in many ways for streamlining the process of internet access. The extraordinary device of Apple’s AirPort Express not only creates a wireless Internet access everywhere but it also enables its users to stream all types of multimedia contents to different types of devices. Also, it’s capable of extending the range of a present wireless network. It’s also possible to make use of the AirPort device for adding wireless connectivity to any of your devices like your gaming console, featured with an Ethernet port but not having its own wireless card.

And that’s the reason why users stick to AirPort Express whereas it has not been undergone any sort of development for many years and moreover, Apple has discontinued it recently. The good news is that the latest firmware update enables the users to use this device with the latest AirPlay 2. So, it’s time to experience your device with the minimum amount of annoyance. You just have to convert your AirPort Express device into a client from a Wi-Fi router that means you’re going to stop your Macs and iOS to connect with it for accessing the internet but you’re effectively making it a Wi-Fi adaptor.

It’s true that a large number of devices are nowadays coming with their built-in Wi-Fi adaptors but many of the games consoles, printers, and sound systems still don’t come with this feature. Until these devices have the feature of a USB or Ethernet port, it’s possible to provide them with the facility of 802.11n Wi-Fi for which the users need to plug them into their AirPort Express. But, one drawback is still there. Once your AirPort Express has been set up in this way, you can’t use it as a router. So, it makes no sense of doing it if still you’re relying on your AirPort Express device as your Wi-Fi router. But, a small tip here is that if you’re still doing the same, you need to upgrade for sure.

It’s important to know that AirPort Express still makes use of the 802.11n standard. On the contrary, modern routers are using 802.11ac. If you don’t want to dig deeper into the offerings of these two standards, it’s critical to remember that 802.11n users get 15 percent less speed than 802.11ac users. If you still want to stick to your 802.11n AirPort Express, then you should learn the art of what you can do with a spare AirPort Express device.

Choose Your Device:

It’s true that today we are not in need of taking printouts like early days but we have not completely got rid of printers yet. So, if you still have a USB one, you can now plug it into your AirPort Express. And in this way, all of the devices in your place start printing out wirelessly to it. When it comes to printing task, we hardly measure the time period but it doesn’t mean we want it to get slow but a few seconds of delay is acceptable. In terms of audio, the AirPort Express units are still compatible with AirPlay 2.

Initiate Your Engine:

In this segment, you need to plug in the AirPort Express device and wait for its booting. After starting its running, you should connect your printers, your speakers, or both of them into your AirPort Express and then it would be the time to launching the AirPort Utility on your Mac. But, if you already have a configured AirPort Express device, then it would show up on this particular map. Just make sure that it holds the latest firmware. What you have to do is to check the dot next to the name and if it’s green, then you’re good to go. But, if it’s yellow, then you are not having the latest firmware but don’t worry at all! An “Update” button is there to make changes.

Whenever you have completed the installation process of the latest firmware, you can then take your AirPort Express back to basics. Just you have to select it and then go to the “Base Station” menu and choose “Restore Default Settings.” Next, you have to click on “Other Wi-Fi Devices.” Although it looks like a button, it’s actually a drop-down menu with the listing of all the AirPort-compatible devices that the utility could find out either on Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Now, it would be the time to choose the “Base Station” and let Utility collects information regarding it.

After getting it done, you will get a screen that would include an “Other Option” button at the bottom left side. Just you ought to click on that and you’ll get options like creating a new network or about replacing an existing device. You’ll also come across another option, named “Add to an existing network”. Select this option and click “Next.” Now, choose your Wi-Fi router and then enter the password if instructed and voila! The process is completed. Congratulations! Your non-Wi-Fi-enabled device or speakers are now on the respective Wi-Fi network. And guess what’s more? These devices are now on your network and as you have the latest firmware installed, they would be immediately capable of taking benefit from AirPlay 2 without any other actions from your part.

Where to purchase an AirPort Express?

It’s true that the supplies of AirPort Express are diminishing, but buyers can still purchase an AirPort Express Base Station at Adorama with the investment of $95 with the free shipping facility. Moreover, no tax will be collected on orders that will be shipped outside of New York as well as New Jersey. If you have any other question regarding Apple Airport Express Setup, then you can contact their customer care service.

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