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How To Connect AirPort Express To Any Wi-Fi Router To Stream Music From AirPlay 2?

Did you know that your Apple AirPort Express is capable of configuring with AirPlay 2 streaming target in order to stream music to any speaker?

If you didn’t, then that is indeed possible. You just need to reconfigure your Apple AirPort Express in order to make it work with AirPlay 2 Streaming target.

There hasn’t been any development in Apple AirPort Express in past 5 years or so, and Apple has discontinued the model in 2018 as well, but there has been a firmware update for the device, which allows users to the device with the latest AirPlay 2.

To play music from AirPlay 2 configured with AirPort Express, you need to turn on the device and use it as a Wi-Fi adapter.

With a wide range of devices having their own built-in Wi-Fi adapters, you will find a few devices such as sound systems, game consoles, and printers that don’t. If any device is equipped with a USB or Ethernet port, then that can be empowered with an internet connection by providing 802.11n Wi-Fi, which you can by plugging the device into an AirPort Express.

There is one particular thing that you are going to lose one you set up AirPort Express in the way we are looking to set it up. Your AirPort Express can’t be used as a router. Rather than connecting the internet line permanently into the AirPort Express, which is going to share the signal out over Wi-Fi, you will have to hard wire the sound system in.

However, you don’t have to do it at all if you are using AirPort Express as your wireless router.

If you want to use AirPort Express as Wi-Fi router, then you must upgrade the firmware because AirPort Express is using an 802.11n standard where all other modern routers have moved to 802.11ac, which offer 15% more speed than 802.11n standard.

Choosing your device

If you have a printer at home and that too a USB one, then you need to plug it into an AirPort Express in order to print documents and images wirelessly.

Print jobs are not slow, but when it comes to streaming audio with AirPlay 2, AirPort Express can be a bit slower than other devices.

Start your engines

  1. Plug in your AirPort Express and allow it to boot.
  2. Once it begins to run, connect your printer, speakers or both the devices into the AirPort Express followed by launching AirPort Utility on your Mac computer.

If your AirPort Express is already configured, then it is going to show up on this map. Make sure it has the most recent firmware. You should also check whether the dot corresponding to the name is green, and if it is, then you are good. If the dot is yellow, then the firmware isn’t the latest one, but you can update it by clicking the ‘update’ button, which will be given on the screen only.

When you install the latest firmware, you need take AirPort Express to the point where it all begin. For that, go to ‘Base Station’ menu followed by choosing ‘Restore Default Settings’.

Now, you need to click ‘Other Wi-Fi devices’, which looks like a button but is a drop-down menu having the list of all AirPort-compatible devices, which AirPort utility can find on Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

You need to choose the Base Station and as you do so, the Utility is going to take some time to gather info about it.

Once that is done, you get a screen where you see ‘Other Options’ button. Click that button to see options like ‘create a new network’ or ‘replace an existing device’. You will also see an option named ‘Add to an existing network’. You need to select that followed by clicking ‘Next’.

Select your Wi-Fi router and enter the password. Once that is done, your Wi-Fi enabled device or the speakers that you have configured will now be available on your Wi-Fi network.

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