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How To Configure Airport Express As An AP Of Existing Network?

If you have recently bought an AirPort Express and want to configure it on an existing network, then go through the steps given below. Yes, if you have AirPort Express and want to use it as a router, then these steps will not work for you. Apart from this, if you want to connect the AirPort Express to the ADSL cable or modem, then you have to follow different steps.


  1. Connect the Airport express to the existing network: To connect to the network, you need to switch the AirPort express to the network using RJ45 cable into the WAN connection. Don’t use cross cable, use straight instead.
  2. Open ‘Airport Utility’ app which you will find under ‘Utilities’. Once you open the app, you will find the Express base and click on it to check the information and Edit button to access the configuration.
  3. Configure base station settings: This nothing special, just take care of password while entering it in the field. You need to set the password strong enough so that it can’t be misused. It is important to mention here that this is not the access password but the password for entering into the ‘Administration’ tool.
  4. Setting up internet connection: The most important step is to connect the AirPort Express to the network configuration through DHCP. This means your Express will get the IP from the router on which you have connected it.
  5. Setting up wireless: From this tab, go to ‘Create a wireless network’ option and not on ‘Extend wireless network’. It is important to keep the security system as tighten as possible so that the network must not be accessed by anyone. You need to protect your network from being used by unnecessary persons. The best security system is the use of WPA2 personal. It is well advised. Set a strong password to limit the entry of intrusions.
  6. Setting up the network: To use the AirPort Express as an ‘Access point’, the Router mode must be configured. This means that the PC which is connected to the device will get the network from the router on which the AirPort express is linked. If you don’t want to use these settings, then create a sub-network and disable all the capabilities of a computer connected through the unit to a computer linked to the main router.
  7. Setting up AirPlay: If you want to play music on AirPort Express, then just turn on AirPlay and connect the speakers to the jack connector given at the back. You will find the phone, iPad connected successfully to the AirPort Express through the network showing the new symbol on the screen. From here, you can select the destination where you want to play the song.

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