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AirPort Express: Learn How to Unlock Ports on the Apple Router

The AirPort Express has a firewall that, by default, blocks incoming and outgoing ports from the router to avoid security issues. However, this can compromise the operation of games and some programs that require specific ports to connect to a remote server and work correctly. There is one specific port I’m referring to that is blocked by the firewall installed in AirPort, i.e., TCP port or UDP port. This crucial port ensures that the programs running on the PC are functioning properly.

If you need to free a TCP or UDP port on the Apple router, check out the hint and learn how to perform the procedure. We have laid out some steps for you to follow, which will help you open up the blocked port. For this, you will have to make use of the AirPort Utility app as well, which you can find in your Mac computer, as it is built-into the MacOS. If you come across any problem while following the steps, then you will have to take help of AirPort experts, but chances of experiencing any problem are less.

Step 1: Open the “AirPort Utility”. To do this, press “command + spacebar” to open the Spotlight search and type “AirPort Utility” (without the quotation marks).

Step 2: Next, click on the name of your AirPort and, in the pop-up that appears, click on “Edit”.

Step 3: In the router settings, go to the “Network” tab and click on the “+” button, to the right of “Port Settings”.

Step 4: Add a description and fill in the port information and the IP address of the computer you want to release the port and click “Save”.

With that, you will be able to release the blocked port quite easily. Doing that will also allow inbound or outbound connections to applications on TCP and UDP ports in AirPort Express. This entire process will make you think as to why there is an in-built firewall present in AirPort and why it is blocking that particular port in the discussion.

Well, the only argument that can be given regarding the matter is that there must be some threat that AirPort has felt regarding giving a clear passage to the port. There are a lot of threats that could sneak into the router and system if the TCP port is not locked, but at the same time, it could make some features on your Mac computer to stop working as well. Therefore, if you have found that the TCP or UDP port on your Apple AirPort Express has been blocked, then you need to follow the aforementioned steps to resolve the problem.

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